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The Blame


Filmmaker. Photographer. Storyteller.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, David Braff is a filmmaking talent who has spent most of his life in a love affair with movies and television. Always a creative, he became intrigued with the craft and techniques that bring out an emotional investment within the viewer, and sought to apply these methods to his own work.


A film major at Pratt Institute, David spent several years as a camera assistant, P.A., and even on-screen talent on several independent films as well as commercial productions. But when opportunities arose in more corporate environment, he followed that path instead. Still the need to create kept him shooting video and taking photos on his own time.


After many years of being the “go-to” among family and friends for event photography and video, the next step was taken to appeal to a wider marketplace and Eleven203 Productions was created. Since then, Braff has produced and directed a weekly talk show as well as served as director, camera and editor on several web series projects. He has also worked with many independent artists on EPKs and music videos as well as brought a personal touch to industry videos for corporate clients and small business owners. 


As a creator, his objective is always to bring out the best in the on-camera talent and to make a personal connection between the audience and the on-screen action on every project.



The world is small, an opportunity to stand out only seconds long. Plenty of time to make an impression.

For a narrative with a beginning, a middle and an end, with plenty of time to tell a story in between...